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We can accept your booking 3 days before departure.
Other than that please call(075-354-3636) or come to the shop directly.
On the day, you can rent bikes by first-come-first-served basis.
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City Bike High class「銀輪(Ginrin)」
City Bike High class「銀輪(Ginrin)」

‘Ginrin’ high class is the most popular Bike in KCTP. It is originally designed and made by KCTP. Inner 8 speed gear that allows you to shift the gear even not pedaling. It is born right for cycling in Kyoto city.

  • 1,300 yen / 1day
  • Number of City Bike High class :(153cm-185cm)
City Bike standard class「銀輪(Ginrin)」
City Bike standard class「銀輪(Ginrin)」

It is a 3 speed version of ‘Ginrin’. A reasonable price just for a different gear. Kyoto is a pretty flat city, it is comfortable enough to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto. The cheapest in the Kyoto Cycling Tour Project.

  • 1,000 yen / 1day
  • Number of City Bike standard class :(153cm-185cm)
Mountain Bike stand class

A mountain Bike with inner 8 gears allows you easily enjoy like a professional mountain Bike ride The on-road tires allow you cycle on pavement easily.

  • 1,500 yen / 1day
  • Nunber of S size(150cm-160cm):
  • Nunber of M size(160cm-175cm):
  • Nunber of L size(175cm-):
Mini-velo High class

It is a compact 20inch tires Bike, just right for the small roads in Kyoto. It looks cute but it has inner 5 gears, comfortable to ride.

  • 1,300 yen / 1day
  • Number of Mini-velo High class:(145cm-175cm)
Children mountain Bike

Professional mountain Bikes for children. In response to children’s height, we have 20, 22, 24inch children mountain Bikes.

  • 1,000 yen / 1day
  • Please note that children Bikes are only available in Kyoto Station Cycling Terminal.
  • Nunber of 24inch(140cm-150cm):
  • Nunber of 22inch(125cm-140cm):
  • Nunber of 20inch(110cm-125cm):
Bike with child seat

A bike with a child seat fixed at front of the bike.

  • 1,300 yen / 1day
  • Suitable age: 2 years old or younger.
    Height: under 100cm
    Weight: Less than 13kg
    Bicycles for applying baby seat are Bikes which are underslung.
    Please note that Bikes with baby seat are only available in Kyoto Station Cycling Terminal.
  • Nunber of Bike with child seat


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