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Bike Rental
Booking Form

We can accept your booking 3 days before departure.
Other than that please call(075-354-3636) or come to the shop directly.
On the day, you can rent bikes by first-come-first-served basis.

Please fill in the form with details, then click "Confirm".
KCTP will reply by E-mail as soon as possible.

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Rental Bike
  Map of the terminal is HERE
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Booking bicycles* Click HERE for more information about KCTP bicycles.
City Bike Standard Class (Front basket, 3 gears) (155cm~185cm)
High Class (Front basket, 8 gears) (155cm~185cm)
MTB Standard Class S (150~160cm)
M (160~175cm)
L (175~185cm)
Special Class XS (150~160cm)
S (160~170cm)
M (170~180cm)
L (180~cm)
Mini Velo High Class (Front basket, 7 gears) (150cm~175cm)
MTB for children
1500yen Suitable for 110cm to 125cm
MTB for children
1500yen Suitable for 130cm to 140cm
Child Seat
(max. 3 years old)
300yen It can only be fixed at
the handle of "City Bike Standard Class".

(max. 3 years old)
Delivary rental bike

You can hire only Comfort Bike Standard Class and Confort Bike High Class on this service.
Booking bicycles* Click HERE for more information about KCTP bicycles.
City bike High Class (Front basket, 8 gears) (155cm~185cm)
Return The date* year  month  day   Time  :  Business time 09:00-19:00
Return Place* close
Nijo castle CT & Arashiyama CT opens 09:00-17:00
Nijo castle CT closes every May 1st

******CANCELLATION POLICY**************************************************************

About cancellation Rental bike
KCTP keeps your bike for 30minutes.(starting from your booking time)
If you do not come within this time, you will be charged 100% of the bike rental fee as cancellation fee.
If you want to cancel the booking or make any changes,

please contact us by 075-354-3636 within 30minutes of your booking time.

*If your booking time is after 12:00, you must contact us before 12:00, otherwise KCTP would not accept your cancellation.

About cancellation Guidance of delivary rental bike
We can cancel your reservation for free if until 6PM the day before the reservation. However you have to pay 100% fee in the cases below. ・The cancellation without informing that you cancel the reservation. ・The cancellation on the appointted day.

I agree with the cancellation plicy.