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Bike Rental
Frequent inquiry about Bike Rental

Q1: About the Busness hour.

A1: Our business hour is form 9:00 to 19:00. It is not 24 hours system.

Q2: Is it possible to keep the bicycle over night?

A2: Yes, you can. To keep the bicycle over night, there must be a parking space for the bicycle at your accommodation. In case the accommodation does not have a space for parking, you must return the bicycle every day by 19:00.

Q3: What is your policy regarding cancellation?

A3: There will be no cancel charge if you call us within half an hour from your appointment time. If you do not call us by the time you will be charged 100% rental fee as cancellation fee. When your appointment time is after 12:00 pm, you must let us know before 12:00 on the day you rent the bike.
Ex: Appointment time is 9:00. Cancellation must be made by 9:30.
Ex: Appointment time is 12:30. Cancellation must be made by 12:00.

Q4: Is there any attachable baby seat?

A4: Yes. We provide it only at Kyoto Station CT as an optional item. It is 300yen per day. The baby seat is available for kid by the age of 3 .

Q5: Is there any children bike available?

A5: Yes. We have children bikes. The sizes are listed as below.

  • 20 inch Mountain Bike without training wheel. (1000yen per day) (Available for 100cm or above).
  • 22 inch Mountain Bike without training wheel (1000yen per day) (Available for 110cm or above).
  • 20 inch MiniVelo Standrad Class (Small wheel bike, 1000yen per day) (Available for 130cm or above).

Q6: Does your company have deliverand pickup bicycle service?

A6: No. We removed this service since August 2005. As we think that this service would encourage illegal annoyance bicycle parking.
Alternatively we have 4 cycle terminals in Kyoto where you can return the bike easily.

Thank you.

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