About Kyoto Cycling Tour Project (KCTP)

KCTP runs as a bicycle tourism concierge for years aiming to present how to enjoy Kyoto to all Kyoto visitors.

Rental cycle services for both renting and returning are available in 5 cycling terminals which are convenient to start your journey.
Guided themed cycling tours happily lead you to visit hidden sights through narrow path where only locals know.

Bike Rental

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project is the oldest tourism rental cycle shop in Kyoto. KCTP has about 400 bicycles and 5 cycling terminals in Kyoto city.
In order to provide the highest quality of bicycle and to answer the needs of users, KCTP provides original made ‘Ginrin’ bicycles, mountain bicycles, min-velo, children bicycles, etc. Since 2001, KCTP has served over 500thousands customers.

Cycling Tours

Since 2001, KCTP is the first company serving guided cycling tours in Kyoto.
There are many hidden sight paths in Kyoto that are not listed in travel books.
All guided cycling tours are private tours. All KCTP tour guides are Kyoto specialist; they will guide you to amazing sights.


552-13 Higashi-Aburanokoji-cho Aburanokoji-dori Shiokoji sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, Japan 600-8235.

TEL : 075-354-3636 / FAX : 075-354-3637

e-mail : info@kctp.net

Open : 9:00~19:00


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