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Advice about Kyoto Cycling
Sights of Old Kyoto by Bicycle


■Let's go to Kiyomizu Temple

In the Kiyomizu area we feel most deeply the rich atmosphere of old Kyoto and it is Kyoto's most popular spot, so throughout the year it is always busy. Also slopes and stair ways are numerous so the best way to approach this area is to park your bicycle at the Kiyomizu Tourist Cycle Parking area and go along the area on foot.

■Let's go to Saga Arashiyama!

Saga Arashiyama is one of the three most popular tourist spots in Kyoto. During the cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons the area is overflowing with people. On the other hand, in the other periodss it is almost unbelievably quiet. And these quiet period like summer and winter are perfect to enjoy the special atmosphere at Saga Arashiyama area. Why the nobility of the past chose this area for a resort? When you experience the stillness of Saga Arashiyama you want start to understand it. This area, has along history as a resort for the aristocracy. It is a bit access far from the center of the town, but it can easily access by bicycle and the scenery along the way is beautiful too!

  • The Kinkakuji Cycleing Terminal is the most convenient to access Arashiyama
    From Kinkakuji to the Saga Arashiyama, please follow Kinukake no michi(Kinukake st.). On the way you will pass through so many amazing places but please pay attention to the traveling time and your own physical strength!

A special journey along the Keifuku Line
You can take keifuku tram from Hakubaicho to Arashiyama. This tram-line pass through beautiful areas. Although the views from the tram are good, it is also worth trying this route by bicycle. Many wonderful new discoveries are waiting for you!

Spring and Autumn are the busiest tourist seasons os the roads are packed with people. At these times it is impossible to get around by bicycle so it is best to park your bicycle in the Arashiyama Tourist Cycle Parking area and go about the area on foot. (The parking fee is 200yen)

■Kyoto Imperial Palace Park (Kyoto Gyoen national garden) is the Central Park of Kyoto

Although an entrance to Sendo Garden is not allowed without the permission of the Imperial Household Agency, the Imperial garden is a park so it is possible to take a walk 24 hours.
Flowers of each season feast our eyes and the site allows you to relax and enjoy a few people in the specious park. Kyoto Gyoen is good for cycling in the morning, having lunch afternoon and taking a night cycling in the evening.

■Take your time at Sosui Canal

Kyotoite's strolling areas. In the cherry blossom and autumn foliage season's we are greeted by the sight of the tree lined roads.

■Find peace in Rakuhoku!

The Rakuhoku area is still not big on the Kyoto tourist scene but seeing its quiet scenic areas one wonders why not. A ride along the Kamogawa footpath is both comfortable and exhilarating. What's more, as there are no stop signs no time will be wasted. Really along the Kamogawa is the best way to travel between North and South. So let's go to Rakuhoku!

When going to Entsuji Temple by way of Midorogaike, the Kurama Road is narrow, local traffic is heavy and the slope is steep. If you have difficulty riding your bicycle here it is better to get off and push it by hand.

■Let's explore the village of Ohara!

Ohara's Key point is the splendid scenery of Satoyama. Beginning at Sanzenin but also at other temples we can feel the calm and peaceful atmosphere at the later Heian period. Of course this is a highly recommended area and it can also be accessed by bicycle. However on National Route 367 it is important to pay attention to the volume at traffic. This road has heavy traffic between Shiga prefecture and Kyoto City Bike. Also the distance from Shugakuin is 10kms. There is a small path along the way, but you should be prepared to ride up this way slowly whilst paying attention to other vehicles.

Going back by way of Shizuhara is highly recommended. Of course the way to Ohara is highly and also on the return journey going over Ebumitoge hill will take at least 15 minutes. But after that the journey home is all downhill. Along the way if you go along the old Ohara road, you can enjoy seeing the peaceful country views around Shizuhara.

■Let's try Kurama and Kifune area

Kyoto is surrounded by mountains, and a place famous for its natural beauty. Kurama and Kibune area represents the nature of Kyoto. Approximately 8.5km from Kamigamo Shrine although the road is a long upslope. So this course is suitable for advanced cyclists.

A smart way to get to Kurama and Kibune areas while you are cycling in Kyoto City Bike.
Park the bicycle at the parking space next to Demachiyanagi Station (150yen) and take Eizan train (400yen one way to Kurama). It approximately takes 30 minutes to Kurama.

■Cycling in the Kitayama cryptomeria (Japanese cedar)

Sightseeing in Kyoto is not only going to tourist attractions. Kyoto is surrounded by mountains. We recommend you to get to the natural parts of Kyoto.
Cycling along the upper stream of Kamo river and cross the Mochikoshi pass. Then you will enjoy cycling surrounded by the Kitayama cryptomeria as well as a spring and a traditional teahouse during your journey. We are sure that you will enjoy a different aspect of Kyoto.


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