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Advice about Kyoto Cycling
Enjoy Your Cycling Safty

■Rental cycle safety rules

In principle, you should cycle on road

In principle, where road and pavement is clearly separated, you should cycle on road. Except designated places that have this road sign (right picture).

Keep to the left

Bikes must keep to the left of the road. It is restricted to keep right.

Pavement is priority to pedestrian

When cycling on pavement, Bike should keep next to the road. Stop when you block pedestrian.

Follow safety rules

No drink drive! No ride in tandem! No parallel ride! Follow traffic light signs, stop and confirm safety at crossover. Turn Bike light on during night time.

Children should wear helmet

Child who is under 6 and sit in a children seat which built on a 16 or above person’s Bike must wear helmet.

■Bike parking rules in Kyoto city

Pay attention when you park your Bike

Please lock your Bike when you park. Kyoto prefecture government will remove all Bikes parked in Bike parking prohibited areas (see right picture).
Please check with attendants, when you do not know where to park the Bike before visiting temples, facilities or shops.
When the illegally parked Bike is removed, you have to pay illegal parking removal charge 2300yen plus fixed compounding fee.

Guide for traveling restricted area in Shijo-dori and Kawaramachi (Shijo road & Kawaramachi raod) and Bike parkings

There are restricted no cycling areas in Shijo-dori and Kawaramachi. Since there are many pedestrians it is too dangerous to cycle, the Kyoto prefecture government set this area as the main illegal Bike parking removal zone. Please park the Bike in the nearest Bike parking and walk to your destination.

Guide for Bike parking near Kiyomizu temple area

Kiyomizu temple does not have parking for Bikes. The area around Kiyomizu temple are prohibited for Bike parkin. Please park your Bike at ‘Kyoto city Kiyomizusaka visitors parking’ (200yen per day) before visiting Kiyomizu temple. The entrance of the visitors parking is at the side of ‘Gozo-saka’.
When you park the Bike at the visitor parking, you will receive a 1 day parking ticket (200yen) that you can use Nijo visitors parking, Arashiyama visitors parking, Ginkaku-ji (Silver temple) visitors parking and Okasaki park visitor parking for free.

Guide for Bike parking around Fushimiinari shrine area

Fushimiinari area is one of the main illegal parking removal zones. Parking Bike on the road faces high risk of removal.
Fushimiinari shrine has free Bike parking area located on the right of the main gate (red big Shinto gate), please park the Bike there.


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