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TEL+81-75-354-3636 Hours / 9:00 - 18:00


Cycling Terminal : Cycle Terminals locate as the following.

■Features of the cycling terminals and the best way for access

1, Bicycles can be rent from and returned to any of the 5 terminals.
*But the returning terminal must be decided at the reception. And can't be changed.
2, There are many tourist destinations near all the terminals so your trip will be planned easily. 3, You can start your trip just as you planned (reserve by phone or the web site).
*Current day cancellation is possible within 30 minutes of the booking time.

■Kyoto Station CT

The most convenient for visiting Kyoto is the Kyoto Station-central exit. From there, it is approximately 3 minutes. By walking the street next to the station building, you will be able to arrive without getting lost.

552-13, Higashiaburanokojicho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8235, Japan
5min walk from Kyoto station central exit (North side). 1, Please turn left and go straight between "Post office" and "Station building (ISETAN)". 2, Pass over "Bic Camera" 3, "APA HOTEL" will be on your right hand,and go straight into the narrow brick-paved road. 4, Turn right at the end of the road.
+81-75-354-3636(Head Office)
Cash, Credit Card OK

■Kyoto Station Hachijo Gate CT

This terminal is south of Kyoto Station, and it is townhouse-style. It takes approximately 3 minutes from Kyoto Station-Hachijo exit. This terminal is convenient for people using bullet train station or express bus stop. It has easy access to visiting spots in southern Kyoto such as Fushimi-Inari Shrine and Tofuku-ji.

3min walk from Hachijo gate(west or east) (about 200m)
+81-75-354-3636(Head Office)
Cash, Credit Card OK

■Kinkakuji CT
(Hotel chrysantheme)

This terminal is very close to a World heritage site, the Golden Temple(Kinkaku-ji). Golden Temple, Hirano-shrine, and Kitano Tenmanguis close. This terminal is the best departure terminal for going to Arashiyama. You can have a great cycling at “The Road Behind Kinkakuji”. It is perfect for people wanting to stay away from traffic jams and crowded bus. Also, you can visit inside the city while coming back to Kyoto Station.

51, Hirano Kamihatchoyanagicho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8353, Japan
Kinkakuji Cycle Terminal
3 min walk from Bus stop Kinugasako-mae. (Hotel chrysantheme)
+81-75-354-3636(Head Office)
Cash Only

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■Fushimi CT
(Urban Hotel)

This terminal is near Fushimi Inari Shrine, and is about approximately 20 minutes by bicycle from Kyoto Station. It is convenient for people wanting to go to Teradaya and sake factory in Fushimi.

Ideal for sightseeing in Fushimi areas.
Loacated at "Urban Hotel Kyoto"
10 minutes walk from Inari JR station.
5 minutes walk from the Fukakusa and Fujinomori Keihan stations.
+81-75-354-3636(Head Office)
Cash Only

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■South of Gosho CT

It is great for going to Kyoto Imperial Palace in the morning. The hotel is located at a place where every people living in Japan is jealous of. It is convenient in stance of transportation systems. Also, it is the perfect place for visiting the city of Kyoto.

186 Jyoushinyoko-cho,Nakagyou-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,604-0876,Japan oacated at “RAKURO KYOTO”
※2 minutes walk from Subway Marutamachi station.  17 minutes by taxi from Jr Kyoto Station
+81-75-354-3636(Head Office)
Cash Only

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  • Credit Card are available at
    Kyoto Station CT &
    Kyoto Hachijoguchi CT

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Credit Card are available at Kyoto Station CT & Kyoto Hachijoguchi CT