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Kyoto Cycling Tour
Kinkaku Arashiyama Golden Cycling Tour

It is a cycling tour which travel along the 'Kinukake no michi', which is a connecting road between Golden pavilion and Saga-Arashiyama. This cycling tour starts from the Golden pavilion, which is the most famous tourist spot, then to Ryoan temple, where the most famous rock garden is, and then to Arashiyama, where you can enjoy the country side of Kyoto and also the bamboo forest.

  • Tour fare / 1 person
    8,900yen(4 people / more)
    9,900yen(3 people)
    12,800yen(2 people)
    18,500yen(1 person)
  • Time required : 3.5 hours
  • Departure :
    Morning section 9:30 – 13:00
    Afternoon section 13:30 – 17:00
  • Starting place:KCTP Kinkakuji Cycling Terminal
  • With English speaking guide
  • Free original KCTP cycling map

Tour Course

Kinkakuji Cycling Terminal Dep.
(Morning Section) 9:30
(Afternoon Section) 13:30
Kinkaku temple★
(Golden Pavilion)
A golden Buddhist main hall which is surrounded and also achieve harmony with nature. It shows the beauty of Japan in achieving harmony with nature.
Ryoanji temple It has the most famous philosophical rock garden in Japan. While looking at the garden, your heart will be healed and it also make you forget about the time.
Hirosawa Pond Hirosawa Pond is surrounded by nature and paddy fields. The stone Buddha statues nearby always watch over the lake.
Path of bamboo
(Bamboo forest)
Inside the Bamboo forest, you will feel the strength of the bamboo. It is one of the most famous attractions of Kyoto.

(Togetsu bridge)

Arashiyama has long been a resort of nobles from Heian period. Togetsu bridge is a famous photo shooting spot in Arashiyama. Let's take a photo with the wooden bridge and the nature of Arashiyama!
Arashiyama Bicycle parking
(Near JR Saga Arashiyama station)
(Morning section)13:30
(Afternoon section) 17:00

Images of this course(google images)

Images of this course

Starting place:Kinkakuji (Hotel chrysantheme) CT

Kinkakuji CT photo
Kinkakuji CT map
Access from the kinkakuji
Map with surrounding

51, Hirano Kamihatchoyanagicho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8353, Japan

Kinkakuji Cycle Terminal

3 min walk from Bus stop Kinugasako-mae. (Hotel chrysantheme)

Business hours: 9:00-19:00

  • Things included in the tour fare: guide fee, admission fees,rental bike, accident insurance.
  • For bicycle rental after cycling tour, 500yen each/ 500yen per bicycle.
  • Minimum of participants: 1 people.
  • Depend on weather condition, the tour may be substituted for walking tour.
  • Regarding children joining the cycling tour
    Children (older than 12 years old) who cannot ride bicycle are not allowed to join.
    Please note that even the children can ride bicycle,
    cycling tour may switch to walking tour when KCTP consider it is dangerous for the children.
    (Recommended for children who are over 145 cm)
  • For booking or inquiry, please contact us by +81-75-354-3636 or email us by
  • Reservation can be made 3 days before departure. Later than that, please call us.
  • Cancellation charge:
    100%: On the current day.
    50%: On the previous day.
    40%: 2 days before,
    100%: No contact on the departure day.
  • Please note that traffic condition, weather condition may force the delay of cycling tour finishing time.
  • Children and Cycling skills
    For safety, there are conditions for children participants.
    In the case of underqualified, cycling tour will be cancelled or replaced by walking tour.
    However, please note that in the case of cancellation, cancellation fee will be accrued.
    Besides, adult participants is required to have ability to ride on public road.

     1.Child participant should be older then 12 years old.
     2.The height of the child have to be 155cm or above.
     3.Upon the satisfaction of all conditions, the child should know how to
      ride a bicycle by himself/ herself.

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