Touring Kyoto by Bicycle. Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

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Kyoto Cycling Tour with tour conductor

Cycling Tour

KCTP’s cycling tour is a private tour which is organized by independent application, so you can enjoy your own private tour with your partner, family members or friends.
Our tour guide will pay attention to your pace and support your safety ride. From children to elderly, everybody can enjoy cycling tour!

  Select course Starting place
 Back Street Tour Morning section:9:30-12:30
Afternoon section:13:30-16:30
KCTP Kyoto Station Cycle Terminal
 The Kyoto(East)(West) East:9:15-17:00
KCTP Kyoto Station Cycle Terminal
 Kinkakuji Arashiyama Golden Tour Morning section:9:30-12:30
Afternoon section:13:30-16:30
KCTP Kinkakuji Cycle Terminal
 Ginkakuji silver Tour Morning section:9:30-12:30
Afternoon section:13:30-16:30
KCTP Kawaramachi Cycle Terminal
 Fushimi inari Tour Morning section:9:30-12:30
Afternoon section:13:30-16:30
KCTP Kyoto Station Cycle Terminal


・Due to New Years Holiday, no availability of all cycling tours during 1st and 2nd January. Rental cycle business is as usulal during New Years Holiday.
As for bike tour availability of the day, please ask our staff.

If you would like to cancel or modify the booking, please inform us at least 3 days before cycling tour departure date if not cancellation fee is NEEDED. Please contact us by e-mail or phone.
Please bear in mind that even it is a rainy day, you CANNOT change the departure time and day.
For any changes or cancel the cycling tour within 3 days before the departure date,additional fee or cancellation fee is NEEEDED.
The rate of additional fee for any CHANGES within 3days before the departure date and cancellation fee:
100%: On the current day.
50%: On the previous day.
40%: 2 days before,
100%: No contact on the departure day.

Even it rains on the day, we do cycling tour wearing rain coat or change it to walking tour.
Cancellation fee will be required if you cancel the tour due to rain on the day.
Tour fee will not be reimbursed in the event of cancellation requested by customer during cycling tour.

Children and Cycling skills
For safety, there are conditions for children participants. In the case of underqualified, cycling tour will be cancelled or replaced by walking tour.
However, please note that in the case of cancellation, cancellation fee will be accrued.
Besides, adult participants is required to have ability to ride on public road.
1.Child participant should be older then 12 years old.
2.The height of the child have to be 155cm or above.
3.Upon the satisfaction of all conditions, the child should know how to ride a bicycle by himself/ herself.

Customer who needs helmet please inform us by writing in remarks column.

About booking cancellation or suspension of cycling tour during Typhoon
Cycling tour may have to be suspend because of typhoon.
In such case, KCTP would inform cycling tour participants directly (if there are contact information in the booking application form).
If there is a typhoon on its way to Japan,please check if KCTP has tried to contact you or not(either by email or phone).
Usually, cancellation made within 2 days before the date of cycling tour will incur cancellation fee.
However, if the prediction of the path of a typhonn is going to affect Kyoto city direct on the day you have signed for a cycling tour, you can cancel the booking at no charge.