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Why are bicycles useful and fun?

The Fun and Convenience of a Bicycle

We highly recommend a bicycle for touring round Kyoto. The streets of Kyoto are narrow and highly congested in the tourist seasons. Maybe you have had the experience of coming to Kyoto by car, and finding a parking spot but still wasting a lot of time. Taxi fares are expensive, buses are always packed, and there is a limit to how far you can walk, so clearly a bicycle is best!

Riding a bicycle is both good exercise and while experiencing the delights of the old capital you can get about easily just as you planned. With a bicycle you can get the most out of your tour of Kyoto and enjoy a trip that is enriching for both mind and body. For these reasons we at KCTP want to help you have the best trip possible.


Kyoto 's tourist season is a mecca of congestion!
On a bicycle you can more happily enjoy your visit here.
Just a little way from the main tourist streets are the smaller quieter streets where you can experience the real life of everyday Kyoto.

Riding your bicycle you can experience Kyoto's style, the colorful shopping streets and appreciate abundant nature.
A tour by bicycle is good for both your body and the local ecology. Won't you try it?