Bicycle rental for sightseeing in Kyoto

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kyotoRecommended Kyoto sightseeing bicycle tour

Rental bicycles are recommended for sightseeing in Kyoto!

The roads in Kyoto are narrow, so during the tourist season, there is heavy traffic even on weekdays.
Even if you come by car, the parking lot around the tourist area is not empty, and the taxi is anxious about the fare meter…

  • Kiyomizu Temple

    In the Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizu-dera) area you can most deeply feel the rich atmosphere of old Kyoto.

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  • Follow Kinkakuji ⇔ Arashiyama Historical Corridor

    Have you ever gone from Kinkakuji to Ryoanji and then back to Ninnaji without going?

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  • Saga Arashiyama

    Saga Arashiyama is one of the three most popular tourist spots in Kyoto, and is home to the famous bamboo forest.

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  • Kyoto Imperial Palace Park: the Central Park of Kyoto

    The grounds of the Kyoto Imperial Palace are open to visitors (you can’t enter any of the buildings)

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  • Promenade along the Kamo River (Kamogawa Promenade)

    The Kamogawa promenade, a walking path for Kyoto people. People practicing musical instruments, jogging or walking dogs.

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  • Enjoy the Rakuhoku area!

    The Rakuhoku area has not yet made a major debut as a sightseeing area in Kyoto.

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  • The village of Ohara

    The peaceful village of Ohara is in the mountains in northern Kyoto, about 20km from the centre of the city.

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  • Kurama and Kibune

    Tucked away in the mountains in Kyoto’s north, Kurama and Kibune are great for getting close to the nature and are popular for hiking.

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