Bicycle rental for sightseeing in Kyoto

京都サイクリングツアープロジェクト KCTPKyoto Cycling Tour Project

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Kyoto Cycling Tour Project
Kazuo Taga
552-13 Higashi-Aburanokoji-cho Aburanokoji-dori Shiokoji sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, Japan 600-8235.
phone number
Telephone reception hours
9:00 to 18:00
Selling price
Please see Bike types and prices on our website. Consumption tax is included in the price.
Delivery time
Date of rental
payment method
Cash, credit card
About returns
Please note that due to the nature of the service, returns are not possible.
privacy policy
Please refer to Privacy Policy on our website.
Cancellation policy
If you wish to cancel or delay your time, please be sure to contact us by phone within 30 minutes after the reservation time.
*If you make a reservation after 12:00 noon, please contact us by 12:00.
It may be difficult to make a call because the lines are busy during the sightseeing season.
If you cannot get a call, please wait a while and try again.
Please note that if you do not contact us after the above time, we will cancel the reservation and require 100% cancellation fee.