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Privacy policy

We are aware of the importance of personal information and are taking the following measures.

  • We have established regulations regarding the handling of information that can identify a specific individual (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”), and have established an organizational structure to ensure the appropriate protection of personal information.
  • When collecting personal information from the individual, we will inform you of the purpose of collection and our contact point, and then collect the personal information to the extent necessary.
  • We will use personal information within the scope of collection purpose, manage it in an appropriate way, and unless there are special circumstances, we will not disclose or provide it to a third party without the consent of the customer.
  • We take corrective and up-to-date personal information and take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.
  • When our company outsources the processing of personal information to the outside, we will obligate by contract not to leak or re-provide and we will carry out appropriate management.
  • The personal information entrusted to us by the contractor will be strictly managed and used within the scope of the contract.
  • If you wish to confirm or correct your personal information, please contact us and we will promptly respond to your request.
  • We will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information held by our company, and maintain and improve the efforts and protection activities in each of the above-mentioned sections.

Purpose of use of personal information

  • We may receive personal information from customers through questions and requests, requests for materials and catalogs, questionnaires, application for campaigns, etc. In this case, we will use the personal information we have entrusted to you for the purpose specified when answering or contacting you, sending gifts, and collecting. Regarding departments, names, email addresses, etc. of executives and employees belonging to organizations such as corporations, proposals for fulfillment of contracts with the organization concerned, various communications related to transactions, products and services handled by our company, etc. -It will be used as a contact point for information and information that may be useful to the organization.
  • When we collect personal information directly from the person in writing or through the website, we will specify the purpose of use each time unless the purpose of use is clear from the situation at the time of providing. In addition, even when collecting personal information indirectly via a third party, we endeavor to clearly or notify the person of the purpose of use in advance or promptly.

Provision of personal information to a third party

We will not properly manage the personal information obtained from customers and provide it to third parties. However, the following cases are excluded.

  • With the consent of the person
  • When required by law
  • When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  • When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  • When it is necessary for a national institution or local public entity or a person entrusted with it to cooperate in carrying out the affairs stipulated by law, and with the consent of the person concerned When there is a risk of