Bicycle rental for sightseeing in Kyoto

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groupGroup service options

10% off rental cycle fee when using 11 or more units! *Cannot be combined with other discounts.


  • Please make a reservation about 1 week in advance to secure a bicycle. In addition, please contact us by telephone in the latest including the day before.
  • Please inform the prepayment (20% of planned contract fee) or credit card (VISA or Mastercard) information for guarantee when making a reservation.
  • Please pay by advance bank transfer or cash or credit card on the day of use.

Change the number

  • Please confirm the final number of bicycles 3 days in advance.
  • Please note that if the number of bicycles used is less than 11 due to a change in the number of bicycles, the rental will be treated as normal.

About delivery collection

  • Delivery fee: 11,000 yen (up to 11 units) 22,000 yen (up to 12 to 20 units)
    *Consultation for 21 or more units
  • If you also need to collect your bicycle, you will be charged for the round trip.
  • Customers are requested to make arrangements and apply for facility permission at the delivery/collection location.
  • Bicycles will be delivered the day before use, and bicycles will be collected at night on the day of use. Please secure a place that meets the following conditions.
    • Can be used until delivery time and collection time
    • Be able to bring in a bicycle from evening to night
    • Have a secure indoor storage area
  • The range of deliveries and collections is as follows (Please contact us for other areas)
    East = Keage West = Arashiyama South = Fushimi North = Kamigamo
  • Please contact us if you would like to collect deliveries to areas other than Kyoto City, such as Lake Biwa.


Cycling for group use is long and the situation is quite different from individual use. We recommend that you plan by dividing into small groups (5 to 6 people).

We put our customers’ safety first, and give advice on travel routes and operation plans. Please feel free to contact us.