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how-toHow to rent and return a bicycle

How to rent a bicycle

  1. Please decide where to rent and where to return (cycle terminal)

    • There are eight cycle terminals in the city, and you can use them according to your travel plans.
    • You can drop off the bicycle, but if the departure terminal and the return terminal are different, a collection fee of 600 yen per bicycle will be required.
    • We cannot change the return location after departure, so please decide the return location at the reception.
      All terminal business hours from 9:00 to 18:00
      See access to each terminal
    • Rental of electric assisted bicycles is only available at Kyoto Station and Hachijo Cycle Terminal.
  2. Please choose the type of bicycle

  3. Please decide the number of days to rent

    • It is also possible to use it for two or more consecutive days. Please make sure that there is a bicycle parking lot near the accommodation you plan to stay at or in the vicinity.
    • If there is no bicycle parking space at the accommodation facility, a daily contract will be used to prevent illegal nuisance parking.
      See the Kyoto City Cycle Site Bicycle Parking Search
  4. Reservation recommended

    • From the reservation form on the website until 2 days before. After receiving, we will send you a confirmation email.
      To reservation form
    • Call us until the day before.
      TEL 075-354-3636 / Reception time:9:00~18:00
    • We do not make reservations or reservations on the day, but if there is stock, you can rent it on the spot.

How to return a bicycle

  1. Please return it to the return place decided at the reception by 18:00.

    • If you cannot return it by 18:00, please be sure to contact us by phone by 18:00.
    • Please note that it will be closed at 18:00, so you will have to return it after 9:00 the next day and an extension fee will be required.
      All terminal business hours 9:00~18:00
      See access to each terminal